End-User & Reseller Purchases

End-User Purchases

Equipment, hardware, software and services provided from the MicroWise Solutions Online website are intended for use by the Buyer, and not for resale to other parties. We reserve the right to cancel any orders which, in our sole judgement, are for resale.

This policy has been adopted in order for us to remain in compliance with the requirements of our suppliers, and is not intended to deter legitimate resellers from doing business with us.



Reseller Purchases

Legitimate resellers (also referred to as "Dealers") are encouraged to participate in our Affiliate Program, so that they may receive commissions based upon the purchases of their customers. For information on the MicroWise Solutions Affiliate Program, please send an email to Partners@grason.com.

Resellers who wish to purchase products which will be invoiced to them may do so by registering with MicroWise Solutions. There are minimum requirements for participation, including being in business for more than two (2) years; a current business certficate for a corporation or LLC in the state where your are located; and, current Sales and Use Tax Exemption certificates. For information on the MicroWise Solutions Reseller Program, please send an email to Partners@grason.com.

There are no fees for enrolling in our Affiliate or Reseller Programs. Acceptance is at the sole discretion of MicroWise Solutions.



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