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Welcome to the MicroWise Solutions Online, a division of Grason Software & Systems, Inc.

Here we provide clients with both new and manufacturer-refreshed equipment for use in their businesses and professional organizations. Of course, individuals and work-at-home customers are welcome to purchase from us, but all equipment we sell is commercial-grade, with commercial (not consumer warranties, like you get at the mass-market outlets).

We typically display pricing for 1-5 piece quantities. We do welcome volume purchase opportunities, as well as "staggered deliveries" for special projects. If you will be needing 6 or more pieces of a single item, feel free to send an email to MicroWiseVolumeSales@grason.com.

Our product line includes hardware and software from major manufacturers. It is the same equipment that we use in our system integration and managed services projects, insuring that we have the hands-on expertise to support your purchases.

In addition to these off-the-shelf items, we also offer a number of "Purpose Built" Appliances, including

As our clients evolve we'll be adding new solutions. And, if you find something which you think will work in The Remote WorkPlace, let us know and we'll investigate it. If we add the hardware or software to our store, we'll send you a gift card to say "Thank you".

Thank you for stopping by.


Grason Software & Systems, Inc. was founded in 1980 to provide small and medium-sized businesses with PC software and solutions which had previously only been available to minicomputer and mainframe users. Over the past 35 years personal computers have evolved in both capacity and complexity, and in most cases have replaced minicomputers and mainframes. During this time Grason has used it skills and expertise to integrate Windows, MacOS, Linux and AS/400 systems and software applications; extend the office workplace using frame-relay, private data, and secure Internet circuits; and, continually improve the management and security of user systems.



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